Skulls & Shackles

Hiding The Evidence

Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 1

Two days later the party reaches Rickety’s Squibs. They meet Rickety Hake and make a deal to squib the ship. in addition to the squib the party asked him to add a couple secret compartments and rapid-deploy sails. The party was welcome to stay in the commons free of charge, but had to pay for there own food and supplies.

During their stay, they PCs heard all about the the drought that has stricken the Slithering Coast for the last month. On another cloudless day the party was getting ready to play a game of 9 pins when the village was attacked by a young water naga named Selissa. the naga was defeated. A couple days later, the village was attacked by a swarm of giant, horse sized, bees. The party helps the villagers get to cover and even rescue a woman who was being carried off. The swarm left back to the jungle from where it came. several people where dead on the ground and others were carried off. However, casualties were lighter than they could have been.

During the commotion of the bee attack, a ship, sailed into the cove unnoticed. a landing party was at the docks with weapons drawn. Finrich discerned that they were merely wary of attack, not preparing an offensive of their own.

Galrum approched and the Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy introduced himself. He recognized the party’s ship as the Man’s Promise that was recently captured by Barnabas Harrigan. Being no friend of Harrigan’s, Pegsworthy fully supported the PCs’ actions and assures them their secret is safe with him. He even offered to rechristen the parties ship when repairs were complete. The PCs accepted his kind offer since Senfyr knew that it is considered good luck in the Shackles to have a Free Captain christen a ship.

Pegsworthy also states that he did not see the flag from the tower letting him know that the dry dock was in use. Rickety offers the party some gold to investigate. They discover the dead lookout, Lyle Godwin, and his parrot Rotgut. Galrum determines that Lyle had a sever allergic reaction to a bee sting.

With the squib complete, the parties new friend Pegsworthy smashed a bottle of Sargavan wine and offered a toast. “Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock.”

Captain Finrich set sail on the Integrity, toward the fever sea, with his first mate Tiberious and William at the helm. Below deck, Senfyr took a tally of supplies and Lewis looked over the hull for any leaks. back on deck, Galrum barked orders keeping the crew in line. They set sail looking for infamy and riches to one day become free captains of the Shackles

The first night after leaving the slithering coast, a few sauhagin boarded the ship and attacked the night watch. The party awoke and quickly dealt with the intruders.

The Integrity tracked down their first merchant ship and moved in for the kill. They boarded and engaged the enemy officers. Lewis commanded his raging badger to take out one of the marines while William shifted into a saber tooth tiger and ripped apart the captain. the party successfully took the Truewind.




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