Skulls & Shackles

Bonewrack Isle

The Wormwood Mutiny Part 3

Everyone but William enter the Riptide Cove. When the party does not return after about 10 mins, William rejoins them in the cove. The PCs discover a labyrinth of underwater caves and tunnels. they swim though hidden hooks in the thick sea weed and fight off grindylows. They eventually reach the lair of the Brinebrood Queen and her son, The Whale. When the party enters, Sandara and Rosie are hanging from the ceiling half dead with weights around there ankles. The Brinebrood Queen cuts them free and they begin to sink in the riptide below. William quickly summons a dolphin to save the prisoners and the party kills the Whale. The Queen cries out as her son is killed and disappears under the riptide. having saved there friends the party leaves the caves.

The party decides to return to the Man’s Promise only to be fired upon at the orders of Mr. Plugg. A fight breaks out on board between those loyal to the PC’s and those loyal to Mr. Plugg. The Party climbs aboard and the battle quickly turns in there favor. They enemy crew is subdued and Master Scourge is killed. Plugg fights to the end and decides to take his chances on the island. He jumps into the water to make a break for it. Lewis dives in skewing him as he hits the water sending Plugg to his watery grave.

The party is now in command of the Man’s Promise. With the advice of Fishguts, the party decides to go with Plugg’s plan and sail the ship to Rickety’s Squibs




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