Skulls & Shackles

Cyrus Wolfe’s Lost Treasure
Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 5

The party decides to seek out Cyrus Wolfe’s lost treasure hoard. They follow Isabella’s tattoo map that leads them to Mancatcher Cove. as they sail toward the cove, Finrich notices a ship behind one of the small islands to the east. William used his expert sailing skills and quietly sailed up to the hiding ship. The PC’s recognized the ship. It was Isabella’s ship, the Thresher, now captained by her first mate Knuckles Grype. He PCs board the ship and defeat Knuckles. He calls for Parley and will surrender the ship and join their crew to as a loyal follower. The party decide not to kill him and take him up on the offer.

The Integrity sailed into the Indigo hued cove that was almost cave like because of the thick vines that grew across. As night fell, Galrum was ambushed by slithering vines that ripped crew mates off the deck and up onto the canopy. The Integrity was attacked by the Canopy Creeper that defended the cove. after the creeper had been dealt with, Lewis heard a thumping sound. During the commotion of the creeper attack, a patrol of sahuagin and their sharks disabled the rudder and where trying to sink the Integrity. The sahuagin where killed and driven off before they could sink it.

After a crazy night, the party was inspecting the damage of the boat and tried to fix the rudder. both attempts failed. As the first light of dawn peeked into the darkened cove from the east, the jungle cliffs come alive with patterns of shadow and light in a thousand fanciful, ever-shifting shapes. In the shadowy half light, a group of caves and crevices on the cliff face took on the appearance of a grinning skull. As the morning sun illuminates the shadow that resembles the skull’s mouth, a previously unseen glint of gold sparkles brightly in the sunlight, as if the skull has a gold tooth. They had found the entrance to the lost treasure.

The party sailed over and decided to check out both of the caves that were the “eyes” of the skull. Finrich entered the left “eye” and found a trap and disabled it. the cave was a dead end. The party entered the right “eye” where the tunnel climbed to a point just below the island’s surface. Sunlight filtered faintly through a rent in the earth above, where a gargantuan tree grew down into the rocky soil, its prodigious root system blocking any further progress ahead. The fissures and crevices in the bark of the tree’s trunk, just visible at the roof of the tunnel, vaguely resembled a wrinkled human visage with a craggy crown upon its brow, while the spread of roots below seemed like the hoary growth of an ancient beard.

Galrum started to dig. after digging 10 feet down, he hit the bedrock of the island and a layer of wood planks. Breaking away the wooden planks revealed a sinkhole descending into the rock. It dropped thirty feet to the still, dark surface of water below. The broken remnants of a wooden platform and stair clung to the wall, but the structures themselves had long since rotted away and dropped into the inscrutable depths.

The party decided to descend into the dark pit.



Cracking the Rock.
Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 4

After getting a new ship squibbed and an upgrade to the Integrity, the PCs decided to try and crack the rock. They decided to follow the advice of Fishguts and meet the inhabitants of Tidewater Rock before trying to attack the tower. Lady Agasta Smythee and Royster McCleagh called out from the top of the tower asking about the party’s intentions. The Party was able to convince her they had no ill intentions. Lady Smythee invited them in for dinner under the condition that one person would be held hostage in case there was any funny business. The party gave Tiberious up as the hostage. he was locked in the water shortage room and given some bread and water.

During dinner, the rest of the party enjoyed a feast of boiled crab, butter-simmered sturgeon, goat cheese, and hard bread, washed down with copious amounts of ale and rum. There was some small talk and Lady Smythee revealed that Barnabas Harrigan had a hand in killing her husband. The party proposed and alliance and Lady Smythee was not willing to give up control of the tower. Since the PCs where friendly and had already made a name for themselves, She made a counter proposal. A marriage under Shackles law to Senfyr. Senfyr accepted the proposal and the party anti-climatically cracked the rock.

Back on the open sea, the Integrity was stalked by a ghost ship. It was a whaler vessel riding low in the water. the ship was the Deathknell captained by Whalebone Pilk. It came in close and then vanished with no trace the first and second night. on the third night, it attacked. William was able to out maneuver it until it sailed underwater diving like a submarine. It appeared right in front of the Integrity for a head on collision. William quickly maneuvered the ship away, but did not quite get far enough as Whalebone Pilk rammed into the back of the integrity. as soon as the ships made contact brine zombies began to board. The party fought through waves of zombies eventually making it onto the Deathknell. Tiberious destroyed Whalebone Pilk’s bell thus destroying him forever.

The PC’s returned to Tidewater Rock only to find that it had been attacked by sahuagin the night before. That night, after the funeral for a fallen guard, the tower door was opened for the last few residents. suddenly eight sahuagin jumped out from the water and rushed the tower. The party was on the tower roof and had to run down the tower to defend it. Finrich rode the eagle down while Galrum used rope and repelled down the tower. The sahuagin tried to hold the door shut to keep out Galrum, but their strength was no match for the barbarian. The sahuagin where quickly slain once the rest of the party made it down to the first floor.

The party decided to stick around for a few days to see if there were any more issues. sure enough, a couple night later, the PC’s wake up to an alarm. The tower was under attack. Finrich spotted a ship with black sails in the mouth of the harbor. There where also 30 pirate who had evaded the guards notice rowing up to the front door. Galrum opened the door and hid around the corner. Isabella “Inkskin” Locke, who was leading the assault, blasted the lower tower floor with a fireball. A few pirates made it into the tower, but most where held off by the guards arrows and William’s entanglement spell. Inkskin flew up to the top of the tower and blasted William and Finrich with spells while Galrum, Tiberious, and Lewis fought the guards on the lower level. It was a difficult fight but the Party triumphed in the end with only 1 casualty. William was trapped in a ball of water and rolled off the top of the tower.

Once Inkskin fell, the boat in the harbor sailed away. The party finds a shark brooch on inkskin. It is made out of deep platinum, the same material that was on a necklace the party took from a sahuagin. They also discovered that the map tattooed on her back is a copy of the map to Cyrus Wolfe’s lost treasure hoard at Mancatcher Cove….


More Piracy On The Fever Sea
Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 3

The party sailed to bloodcove to sell there prisoners as slaves. Then they sailed to Senghor to sell their plunder and The Sanbalot.

The party again set sail in the search for more infamy and riches. after a couple days, Galrum Noticed a fishing trawler in the distance. the party moved in to investigate and noticed the boat was taking on water from a breach in the hull. The life boats where missing indicating that the crew had abandoned ship. There was no obvious signs of battle other than the breach.

As the Integrity made a close pass to the ship, Finrich noticed the shape of a dinghy deep underwater, slowly sinking. and Senfyr noticed the telltale signs of a battle has been hastily cleaned up. Sahuagin climbed on broad the Integrity and ambushed the party. The party was beat up after the long fight but they where the victors. one of the Sahuagin had a necklace made from a very rare metal known as deep platinum.

During the ambush, the Integrity’s fresh water supply was spilled and what little remained was not going to last until they could reach a port. The party decided to head toward the Mwangi Coast. They found a wide river mouth and sailed up river to take on fresh water.

On there way out, Galrum spotted the rigging of a large ship rising above the trees in the cove. Finrich investigated and the cove was completely dominated by a huge warship named, appropriately enough, Dominator. Atop the rigging of the massive four-masted ship flew the colors of the Empire of Cheliax. It was clear that the heavily armed vessel, with a full company of armored marines mustered on deck, was a pirate hunter.

With the advice of Fishguts, the party decided to try and disable the Dominator so they could escape. Under the cover of darkness the party rowed over to the Dominator’s stern and Finrich climbed up to the windows. once inside, he motioned the party to follow. Lewis, Galrum, and Senfyr climbed up while Tiberious and William stayed in the boat. Finrich and Lewis worked there way to the tiller cabin. Lewis started cutting the rope to disable the pulley system. As he was about to make his second chop when Commander Kyan Kain walked into the room with 2 Chelish marines as part of his inspection rounds. Finrich said “Hey” indicating to the party that there is trouble and they need to come help. The party engages the commander in tight quarters with the help of a summoned teeth swarm. They manage to defeat the guard before the alarm is sounded.

They party escapes the Dominator after disabling the tiller. as they are about to row away, William lobs a flaming sphere into the open window lighting the Dominator on fire. The party makes it back to the Integrity and sets sail for the open sea. As they pass the Dominator the alarm is sounding and the fire is spreading. Adding insult to injury, Tiberious causes the fire to erupt in a display of fireworks blinding most of the Dominator’s crew. The party sails past the crippled Dominator with no issues.

Several days later the party spots a merchant ship, Sea Chanty, under attack by a free captain named Gortus Svard. Gortus starts to move in on the PCs to protect his prize, but they pretend to sail past. Gortus falls for it and proceeds to board the merchant ship. The party turns around and boards Gortus’ ship, Devil’s Pallor. The party easily defeats Gortus and takes his ship and the merchant ship proving there is no honor among thieves.

They sail to port to sell off the Devil’s Pallor, but decide to keep the Sea Chanty and get it squibbed at Rickety’s.


Piracy On The Fever Sea
Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 2

After taking the Truewind, the party decided to skuttle it and take its crew as prisoners.

They set out on the hunt for another ship. a few days later Senfyr and captain Finrich spotted smoke on the horizon. with no land in sight, the party assumed it was a boat on fire and sailed in to investigate. It was a Chelish ship grappled with another. Following Fishguts’ advice, they approached with the setting sun behind them to catch the Chelaxians off guard. as they approached, William spots some Chelaxian marines dragging prisioners below belowdecks of the burning ship.

The party defeats the Chelaxians and saves the remaining pirates from a fiery death and take the Chelish ship.

With a hold fill of plunder and slaves, the party decide to sail to the small city of Bloodcove to sell off there slaves. They then proceed to the metropolis of Senghor to sell the rest of there plunder and extra ship. After about a week of trading and boasting of there accomplishments as new pirates on the fever sea, they depart in search of more glory and riches.

The Integrity roamed the shore of the Mwangi Expanse in search of a small village to plunder. after finding a village and quickly eliminating the guards. The party took what little the village had for goods and took the inhabitants as slaves.

Disappointed with the lack of plunder from the village the party set sail looking for a merchant ship. They tracked down the Rahadoumi schooner named Sanbalot. To the parties surprise, the Sanbalot had a trained manticore slave. It shot spikes and distracted Finrich and Galrum while the Rahadoumi boarded the Integrity. In the end, the party emerged victorious taking more slaves and claiming another boat.

Hiding The Evidence
Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 1

Two days later the party reaches Rickety’s Squibs. They meet Rickety Hake and make a deal to squib the ship. in addition to the squib the party asked him to add a couple secret compartments and rapid-deploy sails. The party was welcome to stay in the commons free of charge, but had to pay for there own food and supplies.

During their stay, they PCs heard all about the the drought that has stricken the Slithering Coast for the last month. On another cloudless day the party was getting ready to play a game of 9 pins when the village was attacked by a young water naga named Selissa. the naga was defeated. A couple days later, the village was attacked by a swarm of giant, horse sized, bees. The party helps the villagers get to cover and even rescue a woman who was being carried off. The swarm left back to the jungle from where it came. several people where dead on the ground and others were carried off. However, casualties were lighter than they could have been.

During the commotion of the bee attack, a ship, sailed into the cove unnoticed. a landing party was at the docks with weapons drawn. Finrich discerned that they were merely wary of attack, not preparing an offensive of their own.

Galrum approched and the Free Captain Merrill Pegsworthy introduced himself. He recognized the party’s ship as the Man’s Promise that was recently captured by Barnabas Harrigan. Being no friend of Harrigan’s, Pegsworthy fully supported the PCs’ actions and assures them their secret is safe with him. He even offered to rechristen the parties ship when repairs were complete. The PCs accepted his kind offer since Senfyr knew that it is considered good luck in the Shackles to have a Free Captain christen a ship.

Pegsworthy also states that he did not see the flag from the tower letting him know that the dry dock was in use. Rickety offers the party some gold to investigate. They discover the dead lookout, Lyle Godwin, and his parrot Rotgut. Galrum determines that Lyle had a sever allergic reaction to a bee sting.

With the squib complete, the parties new friend Pegsworthy smashed a bottle of Sargavan wine and offered a toast. “Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock.”

Captain Finrich set sail on the Integrity, toward the fever sea, with his first mate Tiberious and William at the helm. Below deck, Senfyr took a tally of supplies and Lewis looked over the hull for any leaks. back on deck, Galrum barked orders keeping the crew in line. They set sail looking for infamy and riches to one day become free captains of the Shackles

The first night after leaving the slithering coast, a few sauhagin boarded the ship and attacked the night watch. The party awoke and quickly dealt with the intruders.

The Integrity tracked down their first merchant ship and moved in for the kill. They boarded and engaged the enemy officers. Lewis commanded his raging badger to take out one of the marines while William shifted into a saber tooth tiger and ripped apart the captain. the party successfully took the Truewind.


Bonewrack Isle
The Wormwood Mutiny Part 3

Everyone but William enter the Riptide Cove. When the party does not return after about 10 mins, William rejoins them in the cove. The PCs discover a labyrinth of underwater caves and tunnels. they swim though hidden hooks in the thick sea weed and fight off grindylows. They eventually reach the lair of the Brinebrood Queen and her son, The Whale. When the party enters, Sandara and Rosie are hanging from the ceiling half dead with weights around there ankles. The Brinebrood Queen cuts them free and they begin to sink in the riptide below. William quickly summons a dolphin to save the prisoners and the party kills the Whale. The Queen cries out as her son is killed and disappears under the riptide. having saved there friends the party leaves the caves.

The party decides to return to the Man’s Promise only to be fired upon at the orders of Mr. Plugg. A fight breaks out on board between those loyal to the PC’s and those loyal to Mr. Plugg. The Party climbs aboard and the battle quickly turns in there favor. They enemy crew is subdued and Master Scourge is killed. Plugg fights to the end and decides to take his chances on the island. He jumps into the water to make a break for it. Lewis dives in skewing him as he hits the water sending Plugg to his watery grave.

The party is now in command of the Man’s Promise. With the advice of Fishguts, the party decides to go with Plugg’s plan and sail the ship to Rickety’s Squibs


The Man's Promise
The Wormwood Mutiny Part 2

The chase took about a day but the Wormwood finally caught up to the Rahadoumi merchant vessel called the Man’s Promise. As they approach, Senfyr joins the party. The Party boards the enemy boat and gets a taste of real piracy. while on the boat, the party could hear screams coming from the chummed waters. from the conjured fog, Galrum spots a Rahadoumi sailor sneaking up on captain Harrigan and alerts him. After a large explosion from below decks, the sailors try to escape. The party confronts a Rahadoumi officer and sailors. they are able to defeat the sailors but the officer manages to escape. she dove into the sea and disappeared.

After the Wormwoods victory, the plunder is split up and the party joins the crew in a 36 hour celebration.

After the celebration the party finds out that they will be part of the skeleton crew that will bring the Man’s Promise to Port Peril. joining them are the crew members they befriended as well as Mr. Plugg and his cronies. Cut-Throat Grok is left behind but gives parting gifts to the party. Finrich notices a tear roll down her cheek as the party sails away.

On the Man’s Promise, anyone that Mr. Plugg doesn’t like gets assigned the worst jobs possible. The crew starts to wispier of mutiny and notices that they are not headed to Port Peril. Fishguts thinks the ship might be heading to a seedy, isolated dry dock on the Slithering Coast west of Bloodcove called Rickety’s Squibs. on the 4th day a storm hits and throws the Man’s Promise off course. They get shipwrecked on the coral reefs surrounding Bonewrack Isle. The crew discovers that Sandara Quinn and Rosie Cusswell where kidnapped and that the ship’s water barrel burst. Mr. Plugg gives the PCs a couple of empty barrels and orders them to the island to find fresh water.

On the island the Party encounters natural dangers as well as ghouls that where once the crew of another ship, The Infernus. The Party finds fresh water at an abandoned stockade, and discover some grindylows in a cove on the island. One of them is wearing Sandara Quinn’s hat.

The party decides to investigate the Riptide Cove.


The Wormwood
The Wormwood Mutiny Part 1

After a night of drinking and excitment at Port Peril, the party (William VonDar, Finrich, Galrum, Tiberious B. Drasser, Lewis Clark) awoke in the hold of Captain Barnabas Harrigan’s Wormwood. The press ganged crew soon discovered they were not the only new recruits. the others where Sandara Quinn, Rosie Cusswell, Crimson Cogward, and Conchobhar Shortstone.

The first mate, Mr. Plugg, is left in charge of the party and assignes them tasks. Lewis won the climbing challenge so he became a rigger. Galrum was assigned as the new cooks mate because as a chubby dwarf, Mr. Plugg assumed he liked food the most. The rest of the party where assigned to be swabs

Over the next 3 week the party got to know each other quite well. They witnessed the keel hauling of Jakes magpie, defended eachother when fellow pirates tried to beat them up, and weathered a storm. They even went though boarding school, thought by Riaris Krine, and discovered that Galrum hates rats and crabs.

They also befriended many of the other crew member. Sandara Quinn, Rosie Cusswell, Cut-Throat Grok, and Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop to name a few. As time went on, the crew of the wormwood became more and more divided. The party and their friends vs. Mr. Plugg and his.

It seemed that the party was in trouble as Mr. Plugg tried to have Finrich killed. But then the look out spotted sails on the horizon…

Wormwood Relations


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