Skulls & Shackles

Piracy On The Fever Sea

Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 2

After taking the Truewind, the party decided to skuttle it and take its crew as prisoners.

They set out on the hunt for another ship. a few days later Senfyr and captain Finrich spotted smoke on the horizon. with no land in sight, the party assumed it was a boat on fire and sailed in to investigate. It was a Chelish ship grappled with another. Following Fishguts’ advice, they approached with the setting sun behind them to catch the Chelaxians off guard. as they approached, William spots some Chelaxian marines dragging prisioners below belowdecks of the burning ship.

The party defeats the Chelaxians and saves the remaining pirates from a fiery death and take the Chelish ship.

With a hold fill of plunder and slaves, the party decide to sail to the small city of Bloodcove to sell off there slaves. They then proceed to the metropolis of Senghor to sell the rest of there plunder and extra ship. After about a week of trading and boasting of there accomplishments as new pirates on the fever sea, they depart in search of more glory and riches.

The Integrity roamed the shore of the Mwangi Expanse in search of a small village to plunder. after finding a village and quickly eliminating the guards. The party took what little the village had for goods and took the inhabitants as slaves.

Disappointed with the lack of plunder from the village the party set sail looking for a merchant ship. They tracked down the Rahadoumi schooner named Sanbalot. To the parties surprise, the Sanbalot had a trained manticore slave. It shot spikes and distracted Finrich and Galrum while the Rahadoumi boarded the Integrity. In the end, the party emerged victorious taking more slaves and claiming another boat.



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