Skulls & Shackles

Cracking the Rock.

Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 4

After getting a new ship squibbed and an upgrade to the Integrity, the PCs decided to try and crack the rock. They decided to follow the advice of Fishguts and meet the inhabitants of Tidewater Rock before trying to attack the tower. Lady Agasta Smythee and Royster McCleagh called out from the top of the tower asking about the party’s intentions. The Party was able to convince her they had no ill intentions. Lady Smythee invited them in for dinner under the condition that one person would be held hostage in case there was any funny business. The party gave Tiberious up as the hostage. he was locked in the water shortage room and given some bread and water.

During dinner, the rest of the party enjoyed a feast of boiled crab, butter-simmered sturgeon, goat cheese, and hard bread, washed down with copious amounts of ale and rum. There was some small talk and Lady Smythee revealed that Barnabas Harrigan had a hand in killing her husband. The party proposed and alliance and Lady Smythee was not willing to give up control of the tower. Since the PCs where friendly and had already made a name for themselves, She made a counter proposal. A marriage under Shackles law to Senfyr. Senfyr accepted the proposal and the party anti-climatically cracked the rock.

Back on the open sea, the Integrity was stalked by a ghost ship. It was a whaler vessel riding low in the water. the ship was the Deathknell captained by Whalebone Pilk. It came in close and then vanished with no trace the first and second night. on the third night, it attacked. William was able to out maneuver it until it sailed underwater diving like a submarine. It appeared right in front of the Integrity for a head on collision. William quickly maneuvered the ship away, but did not quite get far enough as Whalebone Pilk rammed into the back of the integrity. as soon as the ships made contact brine zombies began to board. The party fought through waves of zombies eventually making it onto the Deathknell. Tiberious destroyed Whalebone Pilk’s bell thus destroying him forever.

The PC’s returned to Tidewater Rock only to find that it had been attacked by sahuagin the night before. That night, after the funeral for a fallen guard, the tower door was opened for the last few residents. suddenly eight sahuagin jumped out from the water and rushed the tower. The party was on the tower roof and had to run down the tower to defend it. Finrich rode the eagle down while Galrum used rope and repelled down the tower. The sahuagin tried to hold the door shut to keep out Galrum, but their strength was no match for the barbarian. The sahuagin where quickly slain once the rest of the party made it down to the first floor.

The party decided to stick around for a few days to see if there were any more issues. sure enough, a couple night later, the PC’s wake up to an alarm. The tower was under attack. Finrich spotted a ship with black sails in the mouth of the harbor. There where also 30 pirate who had evaded the guards notice rowing up to the front door. Galrum opened the door and hid around the corner. Isabella “Inkskin” Locke, who was leading the assault, blasted the lower tower floor with a fireball. A few pirates made it into the tower, but most where held off by the guards arrows and William’s entanglement spell. Inkskin flew up to the top of the tower and blasted William and Finrich with spells while Galrum, Tiberious, and Lewis fought the guards on the lower level. It was a difficult fight but the Party triumphed in the end with only 1 casualty. William was trapped in a ball of water and rolled off the top of the tower.

Once Inkskin fell, the boat in the harbor sailed away. The party finds a shark brooch on inkskin. It is made out of deep platinum, the same material that was on a necklace the party took from a sahuagin. They also discovered that the map tattooed on her back is a copy of the map to Cyrus Wolfe’s lost treasure hoard at Mancatcher Cove….




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