Skulls & Shackles

More Piracy On The Fever Sea

Raiders of the Fever Sea Part 3

The party sailed to bloodcove to sell there prisoners as slaves. Then they sailed to Senghor to sell their plunder and The Sanbalot.

The party again set sail in the search for more infamy and riches. after a couple days, Galrum Noticed a fishing trawler in the distance. the party moved in to investigate and noticed the boat was taking on water from a breach in the hull. The life boats where missing indicating that the crew had abandoned ship. There was no obvious signs of battle other than the breach.

As the Integrity made a close pass to the ship, Finrich noticed the shape of a dinghy deep underwater, slowly sinking. and Senfyr noticed the telltale signs of a battle has been hastily cleaned up. Sahuagin climbed on broad the Integrity and ambushed the party. The party was beat up after the long fight but they where the victors. one of the Sahuagin had a necklace made from a very rare metal known as deep platinum.

During the ambush, the Integrity’s fresh water supply was spilled and what little remained was not going to last until they could reach a port. The party decided to head toward the Mwangi Coast. They found a wide river mouth and sailed up river to take on fresh water.

On there way out, Galrum spotted the rigging of a large ship rising above the trees in the cove. Finrich investigated and the cove was completely dominated by a huge warship named, appropriately enough, Dominator. Atop the rigging of the massive four-masted ship flew the colors of the Empire of Cheliax. It was clear that the heavily armed vessel, with a full company of armored marines mustered on deck, was a pirate hunter.

With the advice of Fishguts, the party decided to try and disable the Dominator so they could escape. Under the cover of darkness the party rowed over to the Dominator’s stern and Finrich climbed up to the windows. once inside, he motioned the party to follow. Lewis, Galrum, and Senfyr climbed up while Tiberious and William stayed in the boat. Finrich and Lewis worked there way to the tiller cabin. Lewis started cutting the rope to disable the pulley system. As he was about to make his second chop when Commander Kyan Kain walked into the room with 2 Chelish marines as part of his inspection rounds. Finrich said “Hey” indicating to the party that there is trouble and they need to come help. The party engages the commander in tight quarters with the help of a summoned teeth swarm. They manage to defeat the guard before the alarm is sounded.

They party escapes the Dominator after disabling the tiller. as they are about to row away, William lobs a flaming sphere into the open window lighting the Dominator on fire. The party makes it back to the Integrity and sets sail for the open sea. As they pass the Dominator the alarm is sounding and the fire is spreading. Adding insult to injury, Tiberious causes the fire to erupt in a display of fireworks blinding most of the Dominator’s crew. The party sails past the crippled Dominator with no issues.

Several days later the party spots a merchant ship, Sea Chanty, under attack by a free captain named Gortus Svard. Gortus starts to move in on the PCs to protect his prize, but they pretend to sail past. Gortus falls for it and proceeds to board the merchant ship. The party turns around and boards Gortus’ ship, Devil’s Pallor. The party easily defeats Gortus and takes his ship and the merchant ship proving there is no honor among thieves.

They sail to port to sell off the Devil’s Pallor, but decide to keep the Sea Chanty and get it squibbed at Rickety’s.




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